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  • Plan Ahead When Buying or Selling An Honolulu Real Estate Oceanfront Home

Plan Ahead When Buying or Selling An Honolulu Real Estate Oceanfront Home

Honolulu oceanfront properties offer great views of Oahu's beaches and shores. However, for home buyers or sellers, it is best to do the proper research and surveys first. In particular, be sure to determine where your setback line is from your certified shoreline as required by a Special Management Area (SMA) survey.

If you are selling an oceanfront property or home, it is best to get your SMA survey in advance. Since getting a survey can take a few years, it is best to plan ahead. Information front his survey will help the buyer determine where the line is and where they can place their home.

For buyers, before you close an oceanfront sale, be sure you get a valid and approved SMA survey from the seller of the oceanfront property. If you don't get it or decide to make improvements on your lot, you may are exposing yourself to serious penalties and problems.

To learn more about SMAs, read Keahi's tips.

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